Shop policies

Only current NYU students enrolled in an ITP/IMA course and ITP/IMA staff and residents can use the shop

The Wood Shop

  • You must have attended a safety seminar every year and take the safety quiz in order to use the shop
    • This is required by law
  • You cannot wear the following inside the wood shop
    • Loose fitting clothing
    • Open-toe shoes
    • Dangling Jewelry
    • Loose, long hair (hair must be tied back)
  • Goggles or safety glasses must be worn before entering the wood shop
    • You should also wear goggles or safety glasses when using a power or hand tool
    • Wear hearing protection when using any heavy shop equipment
  • No food or drink allowed in the wood shops
  • When you are done with a tool
    • Shut it off and make sure the tool is fully off before leaving shop
    • Fully clean the tool and the surrounding area
  • Turn on the shop dust collection when using the sander, miter saw, band saw, panel saw, or CNC
  • If a shop tool or piece of machinery is acting unusual, stop your work immediately and notify a shop staff
    • Do not attempt to fix a tool on your own
  • If you don’t feel 100% comfortable using a tool, ask a shop staff for help
    • That’s what we are here for!
  • Wood shop equipment and laser cutters can only be used when a shop staffer is on shift and present


  • You are not allowed to use any hand tools from the red cabinets without taking the safety test
  • Do not keep tools in your red bins
  • Do not remove shop tools or equipment from the floor
  • Aerosol paint, oil based paint, latex paint, and paint thinners should be used in appropriate spaces
    • Spray painting must be done in the spray booth located in the basement
  • Place tools back in their designated spots
  • Do not attempt to fix the 3D printers or laser cutters on your own

Materials and Storage

  • If a material has someones name on it, DON’T use it
    • Label your material clearly with your name, ID, and the current semester
    • If there is no name and is in the communal pile or junk shelf, feel free to use it for your own project
  • All flammables must be kept in the yellow locker (glues, spray adhesive, epoxy, etc) and spray paint is kept in the basement
  • Do not store or stage projects on shop tables
  • Don’t forget we share the space with our entire student body and staff

Don’t forget to clean up after yourselves!