Hours & Staff

Shop hours

4th floor
Monday – Sunday
10 AM – 10 PM

Monday – Sunday
4 PM – 10 PM

Shop staff & office hours

Need help with a project? Want help with a specific machine? Reach out to the shop staffers who are on duty in the shop! They are here to help. Help from a shop staff is perfect for anything like how to use the laser cutter or shop machinery.

If you need help with something more specific and want to set up a time to meet with someone, we recommend setting up office hours with the faculty, residents, and students in the list bellow

Who?Office Hours linkI can help with
Phil CaridiShop ManagerBook Office Hours3D printing, laser cutting, CNC, CAM in Fusion 360, general fabrication, woodworking, metalworking, Othermill
MayaResidentEmail (mew460@nyu.edu)
Shuang CaiResidentEmail (sc8803@nyu.edu)
David RiosFull-Time FacultyBook Office HoursPhysical Computing, Hand tools, wood tools, Laser Cutter, Othermill, CNC 3 axis, CNC 4 axis, CAD / CAM
SamShop StaffEmail (sam.dearmas@nyu.edu)Wood Shop/Fabrication stuff, Soldering, VR/AR Development
JessShop StaffSoldering, Electronics
LongShop StaffWood, Concrete
YuxiangShop StaffFabrication in general/Carpentry/3D Printing/PComp
SarahShop Staff
Danny RozinFull-Time FacultyBook Office HoursInteractive digital art, Project Development Studio, The World-Pixel by Pixel, Designing for Digital Fabrication
Pedro OlivieraFull-Time FacultyBook Office Hours<Designing the Absurd> <CL: Hypercinema>