Hello world: Machine Sewing

If you have never sewn using an electric sewing machine, we recommend that you take the time to review the following tutorials:

👉 Machine Sewing

Before designing your own images, we recommend that you first learn the setup by stitching one of the many designs that come pre-loaded with the Singer Futura Embroidery Machine.

👉 Getting Started: Design Library Embroidery

Once comfortable with both preparing the fabric for stitching and operating the machine, you can move on to designing and stitching your own images. Since ITP’s version of the Singer Futura software does NOT come equipped with the ability to digitize images for stitching, you will need to do so using Ink/Stitch. Please refer to the following tutorials to get started with Ink/Stitch.

👉 Ink/Stitch Beginner Tutorials

Once you have a design ready for stitching, please refer to the following video to learn how to access your file within the Singer Futura software: