Getting Started: Design Library Embroidery

1. Book 2-3 hours with Singer Futura

👉 Calendar

2. Check out the following equipment from the Shop Staff:

  • PC Laptop with power cord
  • USB cable
  • Large and Small Hoops
  • Embroidery Thread
  • TENT:
    • Class 15J Bobbins with Case
    • Spray Stabilizer

3. Setup Machine and Laptop

  • Plug the power cord into the machine.
    • Before you turn on the sewing machine, make sure that the laptop is connected to the USB cable (located in the bag with the laptop power cord). The software cannot connect to
  • Set up the laptop near the sewing machine so that the USB cable can reach comfortably.
  • Turn on Singer Futura
    • The power switch is located on the right-hand side of the machine, toward the bottom, near the power cable.

4. Prepare Fabric and Hoop for Stitching

5. Insert Needle

  • Load the needle that is provided. This needle is for medium-weight fabric. When you are stitching your own designs, you will want to match the needle to the fabric and stabilizer. Refer to the video below for a demo on changing a machine needle:
  • Check that the needle is not bent.
    • Lay on a flat surface
    • If flat, proceed with inserting the needle into the machine.

6. Thread the Machine

Note: For this exercise, thread color is not important

  • Tutorial: Threading the machine
  • Chose any color embroidery thread for this exercise. Once you get comfortable with the machine, you will be able to customize thread color as well as be able to use your own image. (Provided by the shop as well)
  • Fill Bobbin
  • Load Bobbin Thread
  • Load Top Thread

7. Set the tension to E

8. On the laptop, open Futura Software (ICON on the desktop)

Note: if the sewing machine is not powered on, the software will not start.

9. Select Design from Design Library

  • On the main menu, select Create then Design Library from the drop-down.
  • Double click on a design. The design will then appear on the screen in a gray box.
    • Make sure that you select the correct hoop size on the left. For this, you will be using the large hoop.
  • Right-click with the curser outside of the frame and a pop-up menu will appear.
    • Left-click on Apply.
  • The design will fill with stitches and is now ready to embroider.

10. Send Design to Machine for Embroidery

  • Select File, then Transmit to Futura Machine
  • Put the presser foot lifter down
  • Click on Send Design
  • Press the START/STOP button to begin sewing the first color
  • To pause and trim the thread tail:
    • Press the START/STOP button
    • Trim the thread
    • Press the START/STOP button again to resume sewing
  • The machine will stop automatically when the first color is completed.

11. Multiple Colors

  • To see the next color, click on the forward arrow key (on the laptop).
  • Change the thread color
    • Lift the presser foot
    • Make sure the needle is at its highest location. If it is no, turn the handwheel towards you until it is.
    • Holding the release button on the embroidery arm, gently pull the hoop towards you.
      • Make sure to watch when the needle and/or presser foot hit the hoop. You may need to carefully lift the presser foot lifter even higher to get the hoop out.
    • Change the bobbin and top threads
  • Place the hoop back in the machine
  • Lower the presser foot lifter
  • Press the START/STOP button on the front of the machine to begin stitching.
  • Continue this process until the embroidery design is completed.


Unfinished Work

Please do not leave unfinished work in the machine. If you need to, please purchase another hoop if you plan to continue working.

Putting Machine Back

The embroidery machine goes back on one of the two bottom shelves as it is heavy. Please grab the machine with the handle and your other hand supporting the body of the machine when doing so.

Navigating Machine

On the front of the machine, just above the “Start” button (red/green light) is the “Return Arrow” button. In embroidery mode, this will back up stitches while depressed.

The “Needle Down” button (sewing mode) will forward a stitch at a time when depressed.

Needle Breakage

Be sure to eliminate large jumps as much as possible. These jumps can pull on the needle which will cause it to hit the metal casing when it goes to run the stitch, breaking the needle. Having extra needles will be a great help.