Read instructions before booking any machine!


1 – Make sure your file is prepared and formatted for the machine you are using.
2 – Select your booking duration:

Booking duration for 3D Printing

Estimated time (in Cura) + rounded up to the nearest hour + 60 minutes = MINIMUM TIME NEEDED

Please start prints longer than 6 hours after 8 pm, this will allow for shorter prints to run during the day and longer prints to be printed overnight. 

Booking duration for Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is available in 30-minute blocks with a maximum of 2 consecutive blocks. If more time is needed please book additional time if blocks are available.

3 – Select and book your machine below


3D Printing
  • Bring your own USB/SD Card
  • Arrive early – print should begin promptly at the start of booking time, you will need time to set up!
  • if there is a finished print, carefully remove it, and put it aside with its USB/SD – if a print is still printing, reach out to it’s owner/shop staff
  • Fill out contact info on clipboard
  • Stay with print for at least 30 minutes
Laser Cutting
  • You must provide your own material.
    Please see the “approved material list” before buying material. If there is a material that you want to use that is not on the list please see Ben Light, Noah Pivnick, or Phil Caridi.
  • Never leave the laser cutter while a job is running.

if any issues arise – notify shop staff and use the QR Codes by the 3D printers to file a report

Ultimaker 2+
Ultimaker S3
Lulzbot TAZ A
Lulzbot TAZ B
Epilog MINI A
Epilog MINI B
Epilog FusionPro
Singer Futura