Threading the machine

Note: When threading the machine, first fill the bobbin before threading the top thread.

Winding the Bobbin
Threading the Bobbin Thread
Threading the Top Thread


To verify that the machine is threaded properly in the tension discs, do this simple check:

  1. With the presser foot raised, pull the thread towards the back of the machine. You should detect only slight resistance and little or no deflection of the needle.
  2. Now lower the presser foot and again pull the thread towards the back of the machine. This time you should detect a considerable amount of resistance and much more deflection of the needle. If you do not detect the resistance you have miss-threaded the machine and need to re-thread it.

Securing Fabric and Loading Hoop (Fabric, Stabilizer and Hoop)

Securing Fabric in Embroidery Hoop
Preparing the Machine Before Installing the Hoop
Attaching and Removing Embroidery Hoop
Material Selection
Stabilizer and Fabric Hooped Together
Hooped Stabilizer with Fabric Secured on Top (with or without Spray Stabilizer)

Soft Lab

➜ New to sewing? Start with the Singer 4432 Machine and its tutorial.

➜ For intermediate and advanced users, the Juki HZL-F600 offers added controls and stitches that may be useful and fun to explore. Be sure to refer to the Juki tutorials.

Sewing Machines

Singer 4432 Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Basic / Mechanical Sewing Machine



Juki HZL-F600

Computerized Machine with Alphanumeric Embroidery



Embroidery Machines

Note: These are Embroidery only machines. They are not currently setup for regular sewing and can be damaged if the embroidery are is improperly removed and/or reattached.

➜ New to machine embroidery? Start with our Hello World tutorial.

Singer Futura XL 400




  • Warning: This machine is heavy and awkward to handle. Please take care when moving this machine as not to drop it.

Brother PE-770

Embroidery (Currently our of order)

Other sewing Machines

Juki MO-644D

Serger/Overlock Machine


Vinyl Cutter

Silhouette Cameo 4

Tech Specs

Misc. Equipment, Tools and Accessories

Misc. Equipment:

Tools and Accessories

Conductive Materials