Epilog Fusion Pro Tutorial


Download and open the “Epilog Fusion Pro Template”. This template is set up for the Epilog Pro.

Artboard is set to the extent of the cutting bed.

Color space is set to RGB.

The color palette has laser-compatible color swatches. 

Either copy and paste your artwork onto the template or create your artwork directly in the template.

Place all artwork starting at the upper left corner of the artboard, this is the origin position for the laser cutter.

Save your document as a unique descriptive name.


Check the following attributes for each object on the artboard. 

A. Color-should be an RGB swatch included on the template.

B. Stoke Weight-should be 0.01 pt

C. Variable Width Profile-should be Uniform

D. Brush Definition-should be Basic

E. Opacity-should be 100%

To check the attributes select all objects on the artboard and check the corresponding field at the top of the document.


Once all objects have been checked proceed to the print dialogue.

Navigate to the print dialogue box clicking File>Print.


Once the print dialogue box appears click “Setup” in the lower left of the box.

Continue instructions in “Epilog Dashboard”


Open “Epilog Dashboard” from the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.

In the main preview window, using the mouse wheel, scroll out till you see your artwork.

Select your artwork by clicking on it and dragging it to the upper left of the image of the laser bed.

Note: Placing your material on the laser bed makes it easier to see you artwork once it is over the image in the preview window.


On the right side of the preview window in the settings box.


Make sure “Auto Focus” is set to “Plunger” by clicking the box to the right and selecting “Plunger”.


Set “Process Type” to “Vector”.


Set “Power”, “Speed”, and “Frequency”

Note: Please use the settings listed on the material list. The list can be found on the wall next to the laser cutter as well as on the shop website under resources.


“Beziers” should be set to “On”,

“Vector Sorting” should be set to “Optimize”, and “Cycles” should be set to “1”.


Click “Print” at bottom of the “Epilog Dashboard” to send the file to the laser cutter.

The next steps will be on the printer.


Your file name should appear on the screen of the laser cutter, the most recent file will be listed at the top of the list.


Tap the file you want to cut, it will turn blue to indicate it has been selected.


Press the Play/Pause button illuminated with a blue circle.


Once the Play/Pause button is pressed the illumination will turn green indicating the job has been started.

The screen also shows the progress of the job including elapsed time and what part of the process has been completed.

After the job is finished please wait 1 minute for the fumes to dissipate before removing your material.