Embroidery Work Flow

Typical Workflow

  1. Create or download image.
    1. Hand drawn and all non-vector images will need to be turned into vector files.
  2. Convert non-vector images into editable vector files.
  3. Import into design software.
    1. Inkstitch (Inkscape) is the shop’s preferred software for digitizing images.
    2. If you have an image that has already been digitized for stitching, you may proceed to the importing the file into the Singer Futura software.
  4. Edit image for embroidery by removing fine details and reducing the number of colors.
    1. Considering the size of the final embroidery as well as the time allotted to complete the project, this will determine just how much is eliminated.
    2. Try to eliminate large jumps in the stitch paths as this will help prevent needle breakage.
  5. Convert to embroidery objects.
  6. Run preview/stitch path simulation to identify any problems.
  7. Adjust and troubleshoot any problems that are identified.
  8. Convert to embroidery file.
  9. Transfer file into Singer Futura software for final adjustments.
  10. Prepare Machine
    1. Load thread and bobbin
    2. Place fabric with stabilizers in hoop
  11. Stitch the Design
  12. Evaluate how stitches turned out the adjust file and restitch.